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Fabulous Food

Meet Your Chef

Chef Jose, with a culinary journey spanning the globe, has meticulously honed his craft in the diverse kitchens of Italy, Spain, the Arabian Peninsula, South America, Africa, the Mediterranean coasts of Greece and Italy, and the

vibrant streets of Thailand and Vietnam. His journey imbues our menu with a profound Southeast Asian influence, while his time in Dubai has woven the rich textures of the Middle East, from Lebanon to Iran and Egypt, into our

culinary fabric.

A Menu for All 🌱🌾🎈

Our menu thoughtfully accommodates all dietary needs, offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly options to ensure everyone enjoys their meal.


And of course, we are family-ready with a selection of dishes specially designed to win over the hearts (and appetites) of kids.

Inclusive Dining

Sweet Breakfast

A delectable start to the day, indulging the palate with a range of irresistible treats, from fluffy pancakes and syrup-drenched waffles to buttery pastries and creamy yogurts topped with fruits and honey.

Pancakes with homemade cocoa and hazelnut cream

Homemade cakes with cocoa

Pancakes to taste


Crêpes to your liking to your liking

Assorted croissants

Pain au chocolat

Blueberry muffins

Locally produced honey

Various jams

Spa and Fitness


Cuisine & Dining

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Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfasts provide a nourishing and energizing beginning to the day, featuring wholesome options like fresh fruits, whole

grains, lean proteins, and nutrient-rich foods, supporting overall well-being and vitality.

Eggs - however you like them

Toast with homemade bread, avocado, poached egg and chili flakes

Bircher muesli

Granola with yogurt or milk

Seasonal fruit platters

Oatmeal porridge with red berries and mango chia seed porridge

Selection of dried and dried fruits and nuts

Selection of cheese

Homemade nut pâtés

Fresh fruit juices, smoothies, detox shakes

Breakfast Classics

We present an array of international breakfast classics from diverse cuisines.

English Breakfast - Crispy bacon, fried egg and sausage, baked beans, grilled tomatoes

Eggs Benedict

Huevos rancheros (Mexico)

Menemen (Turkish eggs)

Weisswurst with sweet mustard (Germany)

Dosa with chutneys (India)

Toast with tomatoes (Spain)

Fresh sliced Iberian ham

Churros (Spain)

Sublime Starters

Starting a meal the right way is incredibly important. Our chefs can cook to order any of the following, or you can request your own favorite.



Foie gras any style

Seasonal crudités 

Pepper de padron or piparras 

Parmigiana di melanzane 

Baked cauliflower 

Tuna tartare with avocado 

Beef or fish carpaccio

Jamón Pata Negra

Vitello tonnato

Anchovies with lemon

Scallops with brandy onion and pimenton


Sublime salads are divine on a hot summer’s day, perfect for poolside dining.

Salad any style

Caesar salad

Salad nicoise

Greek salad

Tomato salad

Som Tam, green papaya salad

Buffalo mozzarella with green asparagus and tomatoes

Salad of crostas: Ibicenco tomato and dried fish 

Burrata any style 

Lobster / Crab cocktail with avocado, mango, egg 

Shirazi: Fresh Iranian salad with tomato, cucumber and herbs 

Olivier salad: Ensalada rusa

Spanish Tapas

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culinary landscape of Spain with our enticing array of tapas, each dish a savory delight waiting to be discovered.

Tortilla de patatas 


Patatas bravas 

Gambas al ajillo

Mejillones a la vinagreta

Calamares a la romana

Gazpacho Andaluz 

Huevos rotos con jamón ibérico


Pasta perfected – every kind of pasta you can desire is available for you. 



Frutti di Mare 





Gamberetti: Lobster sauce & chili


Spaghetti any style 

Truffle mac and cheese 

Penne alla vodka

Pasta with caviar

Classic Cuisine

A fine selection of marvelous European main courses, with something to suit every palate.

Bouillabaisse any style: Thai, French, Spanish

Your choice of risotto: Shrimp, Saffron, Vegetarian

Whole artichoke with vinaigrette

Mussels with garlic and spicy marinara sauce

Salt baked sea bass 

Scaloppine al limone

Local fresh fish any style: Seabass, lou de mer, snapper, denton, prawns, calamari

Your choice of beef alla: Fiorentina, milanese, blackened, spicy blackened


Jose’s club sandwich

Can Nemo burger


Enjoy our famously good homemade pizza, cooked in the heat of our spectacular oven, a taste of Italy in Ibiza.



Lars: Spinach, pinapple, jalapeños, salciccia



Shrimp and chili 

Diavola spicy salami 


Truffle and buffalo

Pizza any style


Japanese cuisine emphasizes the delicate balance of flavors, textures, and presentation, showcasing fresh, seasonal ingredients in dishes ranging from sushi and sashimi to tempura and ramen.

Miso soup

Sushi any style 

Sashimi any style

Teriyaki chicken 

Shitake with asparagus

Ikura sashimi

Tuna tataki / dashi and marinade

Ramen any style

Fried garlic rice with omelet 

Aubergine miso 

Black cod miso 

Matcha any style

From North Africa to the East

North-African and Middle Eastern cuisine delightfully blend aromatic spices, herbs, and slow-cooked meats with a variety of grains and vegetables, creating a symphony of flavors that reflect the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Dal Makhani: Indian black lentil stew

Chicken Bhindi Masala: North Indian chicken dish

Beef Fatayer: Typical Middle Eastern pastry with meat filling

Umm Ali: Egyptian puff pastry and almond-based cake

Zaalouk: Moroccan-style dressed aubergine

Shish Barak à la Gyoza: Version of Lebanese meatballs in gyoza with yoghurt cream

Wagyu beef Kebab 

Koobideh Kabab: Iranian minced meat kebab

Mast o Khiar: Yoghurt and cucumber dip flavoured with dried mint

Bobotie: South African cuisine consisting of minced meat spiced with egg

Black humus 

South East Asian

South East Asian cuisine is a tantalising fusion of aromatic herbs, spices, savory sauces, and contrasting textures with flavors from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond. 

Vietnamese beef cheek nem 

Panang curry lobster 

Massaman curry: Duck, chicken, lamb, beef or vegetarian

Curry any style: Duck, chicken, lamb, beef, vegetarian

Butter chicken 

Indian chicken biryani

Macadamia nut mahi mahi

Korean black pork sam 

Som Tam green papaya and coconut salad 

Pad Thai

Tom Yam Soup: Prawn soup with a spicy citrus twist

Fried beef with chili and Thai basil


Enjoy the bold and citrusy, umami-rich South American cuisine.

Traditional corvina ceviche with tiger milk

Causas Limeñas: Typical entrée of the Peruvian gastronomy 

Arroz Chaufa: Fried rice (fish, meat, vegetarian)

Chupe: Stew (chicken, beef, lamb, white fish, shrimp, crayfish, vegetarian)


Mexican food tantalizes the taste buds with its vibrant and bold flavors, featuring a harmonious blend of spicy chilies, tangy citrus, savory meats, and fresh herbs, offering a delightful culinary journey.

Tacos any style

Pozole: Soup made with corn and spices, with meat or fish, according to your choice



Chili con carne



Fresh Mediterranean flavors, featuring a harmonious blend of herbs, olive oil, tangy cheeses, succulent meats, and vibrant vegetables. 

Melitzanosalata: Eggplant and feta Salad

Tzatziki: Traditional yoghurt and cucumber-based sauce

Xtapodi Sti Schara: Grilled octopus with traditional dressing

Moussaka: Typical Greek dish of baked aubergines and meat

Greek style meat any style (chicken, lamb, beef)

Kritharaki Orzo: Greek rice-like pasta with seafood.

Psito Kotopoulo: Grilled chicken on bread soaked in its own juices

Pagoto Giaourti: Iced yoghurt with honey and walnuts, served with cinnamon fritters

Ibicencan Cuisine - A taste of island tradition

Traditional Ibicencan cuisine is designed to allow you to truly experience the flavors of the island. We redesign classic Balearic cuisine with our own style. Authentic paellas and rice dishes, the heart of the Mediterranean, cooked in front of you.

Traditional paella

Bullit de peix: Boiled fish

Arroz de matanza

Mellow rice with rockfish 

Frita de pulpo 

Payesa salad 

Ibicenco tomato salad and dried fish 

Arroz del señoret: Traditional rice dish with fresh prepared fish and seafood, ready to eat

Seafood rice (black, white)


Designed to refresh and revive the palate, our selection of divine desserts are the perfect end to any meal.

Various home made ice cream & sorbets 

Lava mountain

Tahini vanilla crème brûlée 



Carrot cake with cheese glaze

Crêpes tatin

Crêpes suzette 

Roasted pineapple with brioche bread 

Greek yoghurt ice cream

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