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Residence / New in 2024

We elevate Can Nemo to another Level with the biggest Update yet

Renewed Gym and Yoga Deck

Our new fitness room will inspire you with top-class cardio and strength equipment. This concept gives you the possibility to do over 400+ different exercises.

New Design and Artworks

Renovated rooms featuring a fresh interior design adorned with an array of new artworks, enhancing Can Nemo’s aesthetic appeal.

2.2 m Box Spring Beds

Experience enhanced comfort with all-new king-size luxury beds. The flexibility of four rooms offering twin bed options for a restful stay.

All Suites have their own Sea Views

Each suite offers breathtaking panoramic views of the sea, ensuring a picturesque and mesmerising experience for all guests.

Brand new Sauna and Steam Bath

We have upgraded our spa area, complete with sauna and steam bath, as well as another outdoor shower for your pleasure and convenience.


In accordance with our mission to be as sustainable as possible, we will meet a large percentage of our electricity needs with our new rooftop solar panels.

Chicken Coop

We maintain a happy flock of chickens who provide us with eggs in various hues, adding a touch of color and diversity to our produce.

Vegetable Garden

Where possible we source fruits, vegetables and herbs from our farm to add full, wholesale flavours to our dishes.

Upgraded Outdoor Furniture

Elevated outdoor experience with newly revitalised furnishings, promising a comfortable and stylish setting for your leisure and relaxation.

New shaded Areas for Relaxation

Revamped with tranquil shaded spaces, Can Nemo now offers even more serene spots for ultimate relaxation, ensuring peace and tranquility.




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