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Follow Chef Jose's Culinary Journey

Chef Jose, with a rich tapestry of culinary experiences spanning the globe, has meticulously honed his craft in the diverse kitchens of Italy, Spain, the Arabian Peninsula, South America, Africa, the Mediterranean coasts of Greece and Italy, and the vibrant streets of Thailand and Vietnam. His journey imbues our menu with a profound Southeast Asian influence, while his time in Dubai has woven the rich textures of the Middle East, from Lebanon to Iran and Egypt, into our culinary fabric.


A Breakfast Menu for Every Taste

Start your day perfectly with our breakfast menu, featuring everything from healthy to indulgent choices, plus fresh juices and smoothies.

Morning Bliss

Jose's world travels not only shaped his culinary style but also deepened his understanding of the international palate, aligning perfectly with the expectations of our global guests. His aspiration to exceed these expectations, whether guests choose from the menu or opt for a surprise, is what makes our home restaurant the best on the island.


Authentic Mains from Around the World

Dive into an array of main courses from across the globe, each dish authentically crafted and personally sourced by our chef from its origin to Can Nemo's table.

Global Flavors

Complete Menu


Cuisine & Dining

Explore your Privileges

Our approach is distinctly reflective of Jose's journey, integrating techniques like wok cooking, food fermentation, and the crafting of homemade bread, ice creams, and fermented drinks. 


A Menu for All

Our menu thoughtfully accommodates all dietary needs, offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly options to ensure everyone enjoys their meal.


And of course, we are family-ready with a selection of dishes specially designed to win over the hearts (and appetites) of kids.

Inclusive Dining

A Sweet Spectrum

Explore our wide array of desserts, from timeless classics to innovative creations, each designed to provide the perfect end to your culinary journey.

Dessert Delights

We pride ourselves on using vegetables from our own garden, creating traditional slow-cooked stews, and offering dishes inspired by world cuisines. Every plate we serve, made from scratch and tailored to individual dietary preferences, showcases our commitment to fresh, healthy cuisine. 

This holistic approach, championed by Jose, ensures a dining experience that's not only satisfying but also a true reflection of global flavors and local freshness.


A Wide Array of Spirits and Mocktails

Delve into our mixology magic, offering a diverse selection of cocktails, spirits, and mocktails, ensuring a perfect sip for every preference.

Artisanal Mixology
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